Goodbye gals, I’m going to Boston

A bunch has happened, and yet it feels still like nothing has really happened. I didn’t get the Mamma Mia that I was called back for, but oddly enough got called in for a different production of Mamma Mia to play one of the dads. WTF. As if I wasn’t already confused about what my portrayable age range was, now I’m being called in to lay two parts in the same show that are literally twenty five years different in age. But– it is nice to be called in.

I’m on my way to Boston for the NETC auditions this weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m singing the solo in the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral’s Irish Heritage Concert next Thursday, which will be fun. Then I’m going to London and Barcelona (literally to the airport from the concert…) and when I come back it will be time for my cabaret show. Things are still happening, and the goal is to always have SOMETHING in the pipeline to be looking forward to. As I do this more and more, I hope that that’s the case.

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