Not in the Room Where it Happens

Yesterday was a tough one. Got out the door super early and was signed in for five auditions before 9am. I hadn’t brought all my stuff with me for the day, because I didn’t think I’d bee seen for anything before noon or so. When I signed in for the only one of the five that I knew I’d definitely be seen for, I was number 19, and since the call started at 11, figured I’d be auditioning around 11:45. What I wasn’t expecting was to be number two on the non-union list for one of the other productions.

I scrambled back home to get everything and turned around to get back to the Equity building. Chances looked good that I was going to be seen, and pretty early. As time ticked by, however, I had to get to the one that I knew I’d get to audition for, so at about 11:20 I left and walked over to the other studio. I did in fact audition at about 11:50 or so, and as I was packing up my things learned on one of the online community forums that the non-equity list for the other one was brought upstairs. This means that they’re going to see people as they can, so I rushed back over there.

Every other time this has happened it’s been at least an hour between the list being brought upstairs and anyone auditioning, but that was not the case this time. I got back to the Equity building right around noon and headed upstairs, only to see that I’d already been called and missed my slot. No big deal, I thought, there’s still not too many people on the list so I signed the bottom of it (now number 14) and figured there was still a chance to be seen before lunch.

No other non-union people were seen before lunch, but no big deal. I went back at 1:45 and waited my turn, which, unfortunately never came. Only 1 additional non-union person was seen that day, so I was there until 5:30 when the audition ended. The other three I was signed in for were long shots, and no non-union people were seen for those anyway, so nothing missed there. It’s just frustrating to know that I had a chance to be seen but of course the one audition that I was definitely going to be able to do was at the exact time my name was being called. I know it happens, but it’s frustrating.

So, only three auditions this week. I can’t expect every week to be like last week, where I made it to 14, but I’d like there to be more than 3. I think at least one a day is not only reasonable, but should be the norm. On to next week!

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