The rest of Friday went well, and it turned out to be another 4 audition day. Two in one week! I got seen at a total of 14 auditions last week, which is probably close to the amount I’d go on in a single month (if that) they last time I was working at this.

2 more Equity calls on Friday made for a total of 7 last week, or exactly half of the auditions I did. This is getting exciting. Also, I got another callback for the Mamma Mia production I got asked to dance for, which I need to video myself reading some sides for and submit by tomorrow. It’s for the role of Sky, Sophie’s fiancĂ©. The part is written as though he’s about 25, if not younger. I think my eye cream and skin-care routine has been paying off! Not only can I keep up with the 23 year olds, but I can get cast as them too!

I’m now waiting to audition for a company I’ve auditioned for at least three other times in the past month. They cast for a bunch of cruise lines and theme parks, and this is yet another of those. Something I’ve learned is to take risks at auditions, because in a sea of people it’s the only way to stand out. I’m going to sing something very different than I have the other times, and it either works or it doesn’t. What I’ve done before hasn’t, so there’s nothing to lose.

Later I have an audition for an intensive summer training program, which would be nice if I’m not working on a show someplace. I’ve always wanted more training than I have, which is part of what has led to my feelings of inadequacy in the past, so to get some real training behind me would, ideally, take that away even further.

Snatched, the bootcamp I was doing at the gym, is officially over, and I had my final check-in this morning. I lost some weight and gained some muscle, but the most shocking thing is that I’m down to 4.3% body fat. That is insane to me. I feel good, I look good, and I’m doing what I want to do. I genuinely feel that it’s only a matter of time before things take off. It seems that every day there’s another step in the right direction, and it’s very exciting.

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