Dancing Through Life

This week has been crazy in a good way. Yesterday I got seen at the call I knew I would be seen at, because I had an actual appointment at noon. I was at the Equity building early to see if I could get in for a season at Cape May Stages, and sure enough, I got in for another union call right around 11:15.

It. Went. So. Well. One of the best auditions of my life, I think, and certainly the best this year. The panel was laughing and having fun with me and then asked me to play the piano (one of the shows they’re casting require two actors who can play– I don’t know how proficient they need to be). I sat down and started but my hands were shaking rather uncontrollably, and I couldn’t make it more than a few notes before hitting something weird. Also the D key stuck, and also my brain wasn’t working because I was excited and surprised. They were totally cool about it, and the artistic director said something to the effect of “it’s ok, don’t worry, I know I just threw that at you out of nowhere.”

It would be amazing to be cast for one of their shows, but I know that it probably won’t happen, because I’m non-union. That’s ok. I had an incredible audition in front of people who have worked with some of the top names in the industry and it felt good. Off to the next audition!

I got to my noon appointment feeling incredible, and so when the time can to sing I had a sense of joy and freedom and I just let it all out. It sounded so good! Seriously. When I was done they asked me to stay for the dance call, which was exciting. The dance call didn’t go great, but it wasn’t terrible either. It’s a weird one, because it’s for a production of Mamma Mia, and I have no idea who they’d cast me as. Age-wise I could be considered as one of the potential fathers, but looks wise I’m one of the younger like, pool-boys or whoever they are. Anyway, it was nice to get a bit of validation and be asked to stay.

So then I got home and immediately recorded a quick video of myself playing what I had attempted to play on the piano at the first audition, and emailed it to the artistic director with a thank you. I don’t know if this is normal, or possibly even frowned upon, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Late last night I got a reply (which I was not expecting at all) thanking me and saying he’d forwarded it to the director.

It was a really good day, after what had already been a good week audition-wise. I have now been seen at 10 auditions this week, FIVE of which were Equity calls. Again, it just really feels like things are moving in the right direction.

So today, as is now the norm, I woke up early and set off to sign up for everything I could today. I am currently signed in for 5 auditions in 5 different buildings, so we’ll see what happens. I know I’ll be seen at at least one of them. I’m currently in the holding room for an open call casting a replacement understudy for Fiyero for the National Tour of Wicked, and it feels ridiculous. Two months ago I don’t think I would have even considered being in this room. What’s funny, too, is that everyone here is clearly the exact same type. You know that seen in Garden State when Zach Braff is waiting for an audition and looks around, only to see that everyone else there looks exactly like him? That’s a real thing. That’s this. In this case, the call specifically said they were looking for actors at least 5’11”, fit, and handsome, but it’s just funny to walk into a room full of people that all fit that type perfectly.

What’s interesting about being back in this life and hitting the ground running is that I feel like I’m getting so much more out of each day. The fact that my birthday was three weeks ago is astounding to me– it feels like it was three months ago. The fact that last Thursday was the first time I’ve ever been seen at an Equity call feels like a different life that happened a long, long time ago after this week.

Good. Things. Are. Coming. My. Way.

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